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Apr 01

Application of magnesium carbonate in lithium vanadium phosphate

The lithium-ion battery’s low performance is mainly due to its low cycle performance, poor safety, and low energy density during high current charging and discharging. The main cause of these defects is the cathode material of the lithium-ion battery. Lithium vanadium phosphate is a popular cathode material for lithium-ion battery. The lithium vanadium phosphate material has three reversibly intercalated lithium ions and has a higher discharge voltage (3.6 V/4.1 V) , which makes it have a higher energy density (528 KG-1) , this material has a three-dimensional lithium ion diffusion channel, the high diffusion coefficient in the lithium ion…

Apr 01

Preparation of reactive magnesium oxide by high gravity method

The research of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. shows that the iodine absorption value of active magnesium oxide decreases gradually with the increase of calcination temperature, and when the calcination temperature changes from 500 °C to 900 °C, the iodine absorption value of MgO decreased from 197.95 mg/g to 83.5 mg/g. This is because the average particle size of MGO particles is smaller and the size of the nanoplates is smaller when calcining temperature is lower, so the specific surface area of the particles is larger, and the adsorption capacity is larger. At the same time, because the average…

Mar 31

Preparation of Magnesium hydroxide

1. Physical pulverization Physical pulverization is the direct pulverization of ore, through dry rough grinding and wet ultra-fine grinding, to produce the required size grade of Magnesium hydroxide products, more commonly used ore is brucite. 2. Calcination and hydration of ore The process of calcining the ore to produce magnesia and hydration of the resulting magnesia to produce Magnesium hydroxide is a process of magnesium oxide dissolution and Magnesium hydroxide precipitation, in which the dissolution of Magnesia is the controlling step. Because of the different composition of the ore, magnesite is more commonly used. 3. Liquid phase precipitation The…

Mar 31

Preparation of light magnesium carbonate

With the increasing demand of light magnesium carbonate, the preparation method of high quality light magnesium carbonate has very important theoretical significance and application value. In industry, we can make light magnesium carbonate by reacting the suspension of the industrial byproduct Magnesium hydroxide with carbon dioxide, in Magnesium hydroxide suspensions, substances such as sodium sulfate do not react with the carbon dioxide gas. Today, Hebei Meixi Biological Co. , Ltd. is to explain the use of dolomite powder to prepare light magnesium carbonate. Light calcined dolomite powder was used as raw material to prepare high activity dolomite powder digestive…

Mar 31

Determination of active magnesium oxide by citric acid method

Magnesia contains not only activity, but also dead-burned MgO, light-burned MgCO3, impurities Cao, Fe2O3, Al2O3, SIO2, loss on ignition and so on. MG (OH) _ 2 and MG _ (CO _ (3) can be formed by the reaction of the activity with CO _ (2) in the air or by the moisture absorption during the storage of the burned Mg powder. The principle of citric acid reaction method is that the active magnesia particles are hydrated in water to form MG (OH)2 MgO + h 20 = Mg (OH)2 Mg (OH)2 Mg (OH)2 dissociated to form MG 2 +…

Mar 30

Study on solubility and stability of magnesium carbonate in electrolyte solution

A new method for extracting magnesium chloride from Salt L. is to use sodium carbonate as a reaction precipitant to react with magnesium chloride in brine to form rod-shaped magnesium carbonate trihydrate (mgco33h2o) . The results show that this kind of crystal has good filtration performance, and can reduce the entrainment and adsorption of impurities such as lithium chloride. High purity magnesium oxide can be obtained after calcination. Firstly, the solubility of mgco33h2o in water was studied. The results show that the solubility of mgco33h2o decreases with the increase of solution temperature when the temperature in H2O is lower…

Mar 30

Effect of Reactive magnesia in adhesive

Activated magnesium oxide is one of the important raw materials of chloroprene adhesive, and the activity of magnesium oxide reflects the reaction ability of magnesium oxide with chloroprene adhesive. The higher the activity, the faster the reaction speed with chloroprene adhesive. Active Magnesia has many functions in chloroprene adhesive, such as curing cross-linking, acid absorption, anti-scorch, chelating with resin and so on. Because of its large specific surface area and high activity, active magnesium oxide can be used in chloroprene adhesive to improve its initial adhesion and adhesion strength. Improve the transparency of adhesive. The greatest feature prevents delamination…

Mar 30

Messi Biology layout high-purity magnesium oxide market

In the layout of the high-purity magnesium oxide market, Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. on the one hand to enhance the competitiveness of storage units, systematically comb production units technical progress potential, we will comprehensively optimize and upgrade technical and economic indicators such as quality, cost, raw material consumption, energy consumption, production capacity, Capacity utilization, by-product recycling rate and labor productivity. At the same time, the investment management of fixed assets should be strengthened, and the construction progress and engineering quality of projects involving industrial chain balance should be paid more attention to, so as to form the…

Mar 29

Magnesium hydroxide’s environmental applications

Magnesium hydroxide is a weak base, compared with more alkaline materials such as lime, caustic soda and soda, the utility model has the advantages of large buffering capacity, high activity, strong adsorption capacity, non-corrosiveness, safety, reliability, innocuity and so on. The Magnesium hydroxide is widely used abroad in environmental protection and can be used as a neutralizer for industrial acid containing waste water. It is easy to transport, store and adjust, industrial and mining enterprises and mine emissions of heavy metals in the removal agent, smoke desulfurizer, land acid rain treatment and pH value regulator. After special treatment, Magnesium…

Mar 29

Application of high purity magnesium oxide in ceramic substrate

High purity magnesium oxide has excellent alkali resistance and electrical insulation at high temperature. High Coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity, excellent light transmittance. Widely used as high temperature heat resistant materials. Especially in the application of ceramic substrate, heat loss is obviously lower than the same kind of material. Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. . Research and production of high-purity magnesium oxide products, with market similar products incomparable quality advantages. In the ceramic field, the raw materials used as the transparent ceramic crucible, the base plate, etc. are used in the electric material, the electric field…

Mar 29

Magnesium hydroxide takes research and development to a new level

For a long time, Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. has worked side by side with the major scientific research institutions to overcome difficulties and rely on science and technology to promote industrial innovation, and to promote the transformation of major achievements, said Magnesium hydroxide, a professor at the University of Hebei, magnesium hydroxide has made continuous efforts to create Chinese brand enterprises. In the future, Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. will continue to work hard, actively explore and constantly increase the output value of Magnesium hydroxide, but also hope to have in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign…

Mar 28

Characteristic analysis of reactive magnesium oxide

Reactive Magnesia, also known as light burned magnesia or caustic magnesia, is magnesia formed by calcining magnesia compounds below 900 °c. the chemical activity of Magnesia can be expressed by iodine absorption value (index of adsorption performance) , the higher the iodine absorption value, the lighter the quality. When iodine absorption value is 120 ~ 180 mg/g, it is called high active magnesia, when iodine absorption value is 50 ~ 80 mg/g, and when iodine absorption value is 19 ~ 43 mg/g, it is called low active magnesia. With the development of science and Technology and national economy, the…

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