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Messi biology focus on creating food grade granular magnesium oxide products

Messi biology pointed out that the magnesium oxide industry needs to eliminate backward production capacity and process as a breakthrough, to expand demand, promote exports, promote mergers and acquisitions, establish a sound exit mechanism, strict supervision and other major measures to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of magnesium oxide industry, focusing on creating high-purity nano-grade, pharmaceutical and food-grade granular magnesium oxide and other high-end products.

Compared with the previous years at every turn millions of tons of capacity increase, magnesium oxide industry capacity increase has been significantly narrowed. Messi biology analysis that, due to the current magnesium oxide products are mostly facing losses, around the enthusiasm of new expansion projects have cooled down, and in the country to curb excess capacity in the background, magnesium oxide industry or will end the rapid growth of production capacity, into a period of stable adjustment.

In view of the current dilemma faced by magnesium oxide industry, Hebei Messi biology Biological Co., Ltd. has put forward several measures for the problem of structural overcapacity, including creating and expanding domestic demand, increasing the digestive capacity of downstream industries; taking measures to encourage the export transfer of magnesium oxide products and production capacity; encouraging market-oriented operation, accelerating the merger and reorganization of enterprises; establishing a sound exit mechanism, eliminating backward production capacity and process; Strictly enforce supervision, take effective measures to strictly control the new production capacity. Among them, the elimination of backward production capacity and process, focus on building high-end products such as pharmaceutical and food grade magnesium oxide, will become an important breakthrough in resolving overcapacity contradictions.

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