Application of highly reactive magnesium oxide in composites

Highly active magnesium oxide is widely used in composites, mainly due to its unique properties, including high activity, high dispersibility, good adsorption and special thermal, optical, electrical and mechanical properties. The following are some specific application areas:

High reactive magnesium oxide

1. Thickener for SMC composites:

SMC composites

Highly active magnesium oxide is widely used as an effective thickener in the production of Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) composites to rapidly increase the viscosity of the resin system, which facilitates molding and improves production efficiency. It helps to improve the flow and formability of composites, ensure uniform fiber distribution, and enhance the mechanical strength and dimensional stability of the final products.

2. Cable supports and meter boxes:

Cable supports and meter boxes

In the manufacture of electric facilities such as composite cable supports, cable trench supports and composite meter boxes, composites reinforced with highly active magnesium oxide are favored for their light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance, especially in agricultural and urban network renovation projects.

3. Rubber products:

Rubber & plastic

In rubber industry, high activity magnesium oxide as vulcanization accelerator and activator can effectively improve the vulcanization degree of rubber products, enhance its fluidity and oxidation resistance, applicable to a variety of rubber types such as chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber and fluorine rubber, etc., which are widely used in adhesives, seals, tires and other rubber products.

4. Medical materials:

Medical materials

For example, in the production of medical plugs, highly active magnesium oxide not only serves as a vulcanization accelerator, but also plays an acid-absorbing role, which helps to improve the stability and safety of the product and meet the high standard requirements of medical equipment.

5. High performance ceramics:

High performance ceramics

Highly active magnesium oxide can be prepared into highly dense fine crystal ceramics, these ceramic materials show excellent performance in high temperature, high corrosion and other extreme environments, suitable for aerospace, nuclear energy and other high-tech fields of cutting-edge materials.

6. Environmentally friendly materials:

Environmentally friendly materials

Due to its strong adsorption properties, highly active magnesium oxide can also be used as a harmful gas adsorbent, as well as in the preparation of degradable, antibacterial, biologically active new environmentally friendly composite materials play a role, such as bone tissue engineering scaffolding materials.

In summary, high activity magnesium oxide by virtue of its multifaceted performance advantages, to enhance the comprehensive performance of composite materials, to broaden the field of application plays an inestimable role.

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