Pharma Grade and Nutra Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide – Pharma and Nutra

Pharma Grade and Nutra Magnesium Oxide

Brand: Messi Biology Pharma grade magnesium oxide

Place of production: CHINA

Weight: 20KG/25KG

Product description: Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. manufacturers and supplies high purity magnesia, magnesium carbonate and other magnesium compound products used worldwide in environmental, industrial, agricultural and specialty applications.

Categories : Magnesium Oxide

The products are manufactured under GMP conditions and meet the strictest criteria of the international regulatory authorities, including the Pharmacopoeia and FCC specifications.

In addition to the importance of magnesium in general human health, it is also used as in antacid and laxative formulations. In these applications the magnesium is often delivered in drinkable dosages as well as in solid form. Messi Biology Specialty Minerals offers products of highest quality and purity to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

A wide range of applications for your medicines

Depending on the product format, consistency and pharmaceutical purpose, our high-quality minerals can be used as excipients or active ingredients in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications, as for

  • peroral applications
  • enteral diet
  • tablets
  • suppositories
  • semi-solid preparations
  • parenteralia
  • dermal applications
  • whitemaker

Is your product still in the development phase? In this case, please take advantage of integrating the Messi consulting team into the process at an early stage. We think along, so that you can start production smoothly.

Pharma Grade Magnesium Oxide Light DSP.pdf

Pharma Grade Magnesium Oxide Light-SCORA.pdf

Pharma Grade Magnesium Oxide Light

Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Oxides Specialty Minerals Light are manufactured at DSP (light grades) and at Scora (ultra-light grades). Products from both facilities are

  • Used in the production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations in the form of liquid suspensions, tablets, or powder-sachets, and for the production of magnesium salts such as citrate, lactate and amino-acid chelates for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or food additive purposes.
  • produced under GMP conditions.
  • in full compliance with USP and FCC specifications. In addition Scora ultra-light magnesium oxide complies with EP.

The use of pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide

Certain halopolymers are used for the production of rubber or plastic items used in contact with medicines or food. These polymers must be processed using pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide. Two DSP High Reactivity Pharmaceutical Grades are offered for this purpose.

These grades

  • are characterized by high surface areas and fine particle sizing
  • display high performance in polymer processing
  • are produced under GMP conditions.
  • comply fully with USP, EP, JP, FCC

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