Fuel Additives

FA magnesium oxides including MagChem 30, 35, 40 and 50 are used to produce overbased magnesium sulfonates and magnesium salicylates that serve as fuel additives and motor oil detergents.

MagChem’s high purity, uniform calcination and fine particle size generate sulfonates and salicylates with high base numbers and good clarity.

Fuel Lubricant Additives

FA magnesium hydroxide products with low calcium levels are used in the production of magnesium carboxylate fuel additives to treat heavy fuel oils and crude oils. MagChem hydroxides generate carboxylates with high % Mg and without detrimental effects caused by high calcium levels which cause particle buildup on power gas turbine blades.

Magnesium oxide is used in the production of fuel and lubricant additives and specifically in the production of over-based magnesium sulphonates and carboxylates which serve as ash and corrosion management detergents (capture and pacification of vanadium, nickel and sulphur compounds) in gas turbines and motors.

Producers of fuel and lubricant additives frequently use their own manufacturing processes and customized/patented fuel/oil additive formulations. In that respect, magnesium oxide with different chemical and physical properties may be required.

Messi Biology offers a diverse portfolio of application-specific magnesium oxide grades for the manufacturing of fuel and lubricant additives.

As producers of magnesium oxide we can even provide a custom touch to adapt our products to meet your specific needs.

fuel additives
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