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Magnesium oxide is a fine white powder with a dull luster.

The substance is comprised solely from one molecule of magnesium and one molecule of oxygen. The compound is commonplace, occurring naturally in the environment. Commercially, magnesium oxide is used in the production of Portland cement, one of the main ingredients in concrete. It is also found in skin care products as both an active ingredient (one that enhances the look and feel of the skin) and an additive (one that improves the quality of a formula). The ingredient is sometimes called magnesia or magnesium alba. (Magnesium oxide for skin care)


The Scottish chemist Joseph Black first discovered magnesium oxide in 1754. After its discovery, scientists continued to study the substance in hopes of determining what its raw materials were. In 1808, the English chemist Sir Humphry Davy used a mixture of magnesium oxide and a compound formed from mercury and oxygen to finally isolate magnesium from the substance. This marked the discovery of the element magnesium, the eighth most abundant element in the entire universe.

Although magnesium oxide is found naturally in rock and mineral deposits, the substance is typically produced in factories for commercial use. Two methods of manufacturing the ingredient exist. In the first, magnesium carbonate or magnesium hydroxide is put through an intense heat treatment to produce magnesium oxide and byproducts. With the alternate method, magnesium chloride is mixed with lime and then heated.

Magnesium oxide has a pH of 10.3, making it a base on the pH scale. The substance makes an excellent neutralizer for acidic substances. In fact, liquid magnesium oxide is commonly used as a treatment for acid indigestion or heartburn. When added to skin care products, magnesium oxide helps to raise the pH of their formulas. This is beneficial for people with sensitive skin who develop redness and irritation when exposed to harsh, acidic products

Magnesium oxide for Powdered skin care products

magnesium oxide as an additive powdered skin care products like blushes, eye shadows and facial powder

Individual molecules of magnesium oxide are very attracted to water molecules. As a result, the ingredient has the ability to absorb and hold moisture. This property of the compound makes it useful as a desiccant, an additive in powdered skin care products like blushes, eye shadows and facial powder. In such products, magnesium oxide absorbs condensation and helps to keep the formulas more potent, making them apply more evenly and give more appealing results.

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