Pharma Grade Magnesium Carbonate

pharma grade magnesium carbonate

Pharma Grade Magnesium Carbonate

Brand: Messi Biology

Place of production: CHINA

Weight: 20KG/25KG

Product description: Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. manufacturers and supplies high purity magnesia, magnesium carbonate and other magnesium compound products used worldwide in environmental, industrial, agricultural and specialty applications.

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Magnesium Carbonate Light Tech Supplier

In addition to the importance of magnesium in general human health, it is also used as in antacid and laxative formulations. In these applications the magnesium is often delivered in drinkable dosages as well as in solid form.

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Pharma Grade Magnesium Oxide

Basic magnesium carbonate is supplied from the Scora and DSP plants, in light and heavy grades with available densities ranging from 0.1 g/cc to 0.5 g/cc. Pharma and nutra grades are used in the manufacture of antacid preparations and mineral supplements, especially those supplied in the form of effervescent tablets. They can also be used in cosmetics.

Messi Biology Specialty Minerals BMC grades are

  • manufactured under GMP conditions
  • produced under HACCP process control
  • in compliance with the requirements of USP, EP, FCC
pharma grade magnesium carbonate
Magnesium Hydroxide Pharma Grade
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