Major Product Categories

Pharmacopoeia Standard

Pharmaceutical and food grade products have high content and low heavy metals, which meet the standards of the United States and the European Union.

Large-scale Manufacturing

At the beginning of the 21st century,  Messi began to become one of the earliest manufacturers in the magnesium industry.Buy direct from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman.

R&D Innovation

8% of the annual sales revenue is used as R & D investment. Many R & D centers in China gather technical elites at home and abroad, and have professional teams in medicine, food, biology and so on.

Technical Leader

It has a number of core technology platforms, hundreds of patented technologies and profound process precipitation. The product line covers various fields of medicine, food and industry, and magnesium products can be customized for customers.

Enterprise qualification

intellectual property management system certificate
quality management system certificate
magnesium food additive

About Us

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of pharmaceutical, food and industrial magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, gymnastics magnesium and other magnesium salt products. Pharmaceutical food grade products comply with the United States Pharmacopeia and British Pharmacopeia


Latest News


The article reports a facile method to prepare a novel 3D flexible multifunctional nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube electrode. The carbon nanotubes were simultaneously modified by MgO nanosheets. The researchers prepared CF@CNTs/MgO complexes by using a facile liquid-phase impregnation/adsorption method in combination with the pyrolysis of commercially available inexpensive melamine foam (MF). This method allows for efficient control of sulfur loading. Various characterizations such as SEM, TEM, HRTEM,…


The application market of reactive magnesium oxide is very hot, the market demand is relatively stable, and it is one of the functional inorganic materials with good development trend. The application of reactive magnesium oxide is very wide, and it can be divided into many different types according to the different uses. Activated magnesium oxide is mainly classified according to the iodine absorption value, divided into…


At present, in addition to building materials minerals, the world has more than 85 elements in the periodic table of elements that can be extracted and used, and the minerals used industrially have accounted for more than 15% of the more than 3,000 known minerals, of which the growth in the variety and quantity of non-metallic minerals and the expansion of their uses are particularly striking,…