Application of magnesium oxide in calcium magnesium tablets

The main raw materials in calcium and magnesium tablets are calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide, and its main function is to supplement all kinds of trace elements needed by human body, especially calcium and magnesium. Calcium can prevent and improve osteoporosis, and magnesium is an essential trace element for the human body, which can promote the absorption of calcium, and also promote blood circulation and the central nervous system of the brain.

magnesium oxide tablets

Messi Biology said that the magnesium oxide content of calcium and magnesium tablets must comply with the national food additive standards, such as the appearance of the product and the content of impurities, downstream applications are mostly produced for the tablet pressing process, the tablet pressing process requires the appearance of: broken tablets, black spots, edges of the gray, and foreign objects. Health indicators are microorganisms and heavy metals. Magnesium oxide production process and process management, from a large point of view, affect the appearance and purity of the product, health indicators. The longer the process, the more control points, the stronger the stability of the product.

Messi Biology food grade magnesium oxide with Tibet hydromagnesite as raw material, can fully remove calcium, iron, silicon, aluminum and heavy metals in the ore lead, arsenic and other impurities, heavy metal impurities can be reduced to less than 1ppm, food grade magnesium oxide content can reach more than 99%, product quality and stability, good use of performance to meet the needs of different food industries.

Magnesium Oxide Food Grade
Food Nutritional Supplements

Food grade magnesium oxide mainly provides magnesium, neutralize the role of acidic substances, the application areas are as follows: health care products (compound nutrient fortification, zinc and magnesium tablets, calcium and magnesium tablets, multi-vitamin and mineral tablets) particles of magnesium oxide can be used for pressing tablets. Bread anti-caking agent (in the food industry for the configuration of flour improver, nutritional enhancer, processing aids, regulators, etc.), food desiccant, syrup, multi-vitamins, pressed tablets, nutritional compounding, beverages, mineral water, cosmetics and so on.

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