Application of magnesium oxide in medical rubber stoppers

1. Overview

Butyl rubber stoppers, also known as medical stoppers, are the second largest demand market for butyl rubber. In order to ensure the safety of medicines, China has stipulated that all domestically produced rubber stoppers for medicines should stop using ordinary natural rubber stoppers and be replaced by safer and more convenient butyl rubber stoppers. With the rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, the demand for medical stoppers will increase, which will also increase the demand for butyl rubber.

Application of magnesium oxide in medical rubber stoppers

Butyl rubber vial stopper due to the complexity of the formula and the concentration of the raw materials added, and some molecular activity is relatively strong after the encapsulation of the drug, was absorbed by the drug, infiltration, resulting in the compatibility of the rubber stopper with the drug, so the need to choose an inert soft coating to cover the surface of the rubber stopper, isolation of pharmaceuticals and rubber stopper in direct contact, so that you can significantly improve the compatibility of the drug.

2, the role of magnesium oxide in butyl plugs

Butyl plugs in order to improve compatibility with drugs, the production process will use magnesium oxide, especially high activity magnesium oxide, which is mainly used in medical plugs brominated butyl plugs, halogenated butyl plugs, the main role of the vulcanization accelerator and acid-absorbing effect. Butyl plug vulcanization system is divided into three categories: magnesium oxide vulcanization system, zinc oxide system and resin system, the market is generally used in the magnesium oxide vulcanization system, is the three systems in the operation of the simplest, can reduce the cost of autonomous and controllable. Resin system with less raw materials, without magnesium oxide, the disadvantage is easy to ooze out, the appearance of black and white spots in the form of needles, flakes and burst.

High reactive magnesium oxide

Medical plugs in general, light and active magnesium oxide can be used, light magnesium oxide requires magnesium oxide content greater than 95%, hydrochloric acid intolerance to reach the national standard superior grade. Active magnesium oxide requires activity value between 100 and 150, whiteness in general, the better the whiteness of magnesium oxide, the higher the purity, relatively speaking, the fewer impurities, especially need to pay attention to is the medical plugs on the fineness of magnesium oxide, black and white point requirements are very strict.

3, the industry outlook

Medical rubber plug upstream enterprises are mainly butyl rubber, downstream enterprises for pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies and so on. Medical vial stopper its main raw material for butyl rubber, auxiliary materials including magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide, etc., of which magnesium oxide in the medical vial stopper in the largest amount. Medical stopper manufacturers are expanding their production capacity, mainly using halogenated butyl rubber, for downstream enterprises, the raw materials of the medicinal rubber stopper is more important. As the market demand for pharmaceutical stoppers in China continues to climb, prompting the use of magnesium oxide in the field of medical stoppers is becoming more and more important, Messi Biology based on the use of the latest technology to produce high-activity magnesium oxide content is high, less harmful impurities, the use of medical stoppers in the field of the effect is very good, it is the most ideal raw materials for pharmaceuticals, are exported to domestic and foreign, in the market supply exceeds demand.

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