Application of magnesium oxide nanoparticles in batteries

Nano -magnesium oxide (MGO) is a unique chemical and physical material, making it a hopeful candidate material in battery applications. Its nano -size and high surface area provides opportunities to enhance battery performance.

Nano grade magnesium oxide

Anode material:

Lithium-ion battery: nano-magnesium, as anode material, has high reversible capacity (937 mAh G-1), good cycle stability and rate performance. It forms a high -tech nano -complex with lithium ion to promote lithium ion diffusion and storage.

Magnesium oxide also shows the anode application potential in sodium ion batteries

Sodium ion batteries: Magnesium nano oxide also shows the anode application potential in sodium ion batteries. It has a higher percentage performance, making it possible for the fast charge and discharge cycle.

Catholic material:

Lithium-air batteries: Magnesium oxide nanoparticles is used as a catalyst, which improves the discharge capacity and cycle stability of the lithium-air battery. It provides an efficient interface to promote the restoration and evolutionary response of oxygen.

Lithium-sulfur batteries

Lithium-sulfur batteries: Magnesium nano oxide, as a carrier material for sulfur, can inhibit the shuttle effect of sulfide, thereby improving the energy density and cycle life of lithium-sulfur batteries.


Nano -magnesium oxide can be used as a diaphragm coating material

Nano -magnesium oxide can be used as a diaphragm coating material. It improves the pores of the diaphragm, while providing physical and electrochemical barriers to prevent short circuit of the electrodes and improve the safety of battery.

other applications:

Solid electrolyte: Nano -magnesium oxide is a solid electrolyte, which has high ionic conductivity, wide -electrochemical chemical windows and good mechanical stability. It is suitable for full solid -state batteries.

Nano -magnesium oxide is suitable for full solid -state batteries.

Conductors: Magnesium nano oxide can be added to the anode or cathode material as a conductive additive. It can improve the conductivity and electron transmission of composite materials, thereby increasing battery capacity and power output.

in conclusion:

The unique properties of nano magnesium oxide make it a promising material for various components in battery applications. From anode to cathode, diaphragm to solid electrolyte, it can enhance battery performance, including energy density, cycle life, power capacity and safety. With the continuous advancement of research, nano -magnesium oxide is expected to play a key role in the next -generation battery technology.

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