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Definition of Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant

Magnesium oxide produced by decomposition is also a good refractory, and it can also help improve the fire resistance of synthetic materials. At the same time, the water vapor it emits can also be used as a smoke suppressant. Magnesium hydroxide is recognized as an excellent flame retardant with three functions of flame retardant, smoke suppression and filling in the rubber and plastic industry. It is widely used in rubber, chemical industry, building materials, plastics and electronics, unsaturated polyester, paint, paint and other polymer materials.

Especially, it can replace aluminium hydroxide with flame retardant effect for coating of mine air duct, PVC Whole-core conveyor belt, flame retardant aluminium plastic plate, flame retardant tarpaulin, PVC wire and cable material, mine cable sheath, cable accessories, flame retardant, smoke suppression and antistatic. Compared with similar inorganic flame retardants, magnesium hydroxide has better smoke suppression effect. Magnesium hydroxide does not emit harmful substances in the process of production, use and waste, and can neutralize acid and corrosive gases produced during combustion. When used alone, the dosage is generally 40%-60%.

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