Effect of active magnesia in adhesive

1️⃣. Characteristics of active magnesium oxide

Active magnesium oxide is an inorganic compound with a variety of excellent characteristics, mainly including the following points:

1, high purity: active magnesium oxide has high purity and low impurity content, which can ensure that it has less impact on other materials in the application, and at the same time ensure the stability and reliability of downstream manufacturers in the production process.

High reactive magnesium oxide

2, large specific surface area and high activity: active magnesium oxide has a large specific surface area, which means that it has a larger contact area with other materials, easy to react with other substances, thus improving its reaction activity and effect.

3, good thermal stability and chemical corrosion resistance: active magnesium oxide in high temperature and chemical corrosion environment can still maintain its structure and performance stability, which provides a guarantee for its use in special processing environment.

2️⃣, the role of active magnesium oxide in the field of adhesives

the role of active magnesium oxide in the field of adhesives

In the field of adhesives, the role of active magnesium oxide is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, improve the strength and durability of the adhesive: active magnesium oxide can react with other components in the adhesive to form a stable chemical bond, improve the adhesive strength and initial adhesion of the adhesive, and improve the transparency of the adhesive, and at the same time, can prevent the delamination of the adhesive precipitation.

2、Improve the rheological properties of the adhesive: the addition of active magnesium oxide can effectively improve the rheological properties of the adhesive, so that it is easier to spread and bonding.

3, active magnesium oxide also has excellent flame retardant properties: in some specific occasions, such as the construction field and electronic equipment manufacturing industry, flame retardant performance is one of the characteristics of the adhesive must have. Activated magnesium oxide can release a large amount of water vapor, forming a protective layer to prevent the spread of flame. This enables the adhesive to act as a barrier and slow down combustion when subjected to fire, providing an extra safeguard for people’s lives.

3️⃣, the application of adhesives and development prospects analysis

the application of adhesives and development prospects analysis

Adhesive is a widely used materials, in a number of industries, such as construction, automotive, electronics and aerospace are playing an important role. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the performance and types of adhesives have been greatly enhanced and enriched to meet the growing material needs of people. Especially in the current era of new materials and new technologies, the adhesive industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for innovation and development.

For magnesium oxide manufacturers, this development trend brings both challenges and opportunities. In order to meet the market demand for high-quality magnesium oxide, Messi Biology adopts the western Qinghai high-purity non-polluting magnesium salt carbonization technology production, to ensure that every link from raw materials to the final product factory is strictly controlled, only to do superior quality products. So that more customers can purchase with confidence.

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