Medicinal excipients magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide

Chemical: MGO

Alias: Magnesia


White tasteless powder

Insperfolid in water, slightly soluble in acid

It has the functions of convergence, anti inflammatory and neutralization

Pharmacological role:

Magnesium carbonate can be used to neutralize gastric acid

Anti acid: neutralize gastric acid, alleviate stomach burning and indigestion.

Magnesium carbonate acts as an antidiarrheal agent

Induce diarrhea: stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

Analgesic: Local use can relieve muscle spasm and pain.

Water absorption: It can absorb water for dressing and desiccant.



Relieve stomach burning and indigestion

Treat constipation

External use:

Eliminate body odor

Treatment of slight burns, burns and itching of skin

Make dressing


Anti acid: 0.5 1 grams, 3 4 times a day

Destroy: 1 2 grams, take it before going to bed or take it in the early morning

Local external use: 10 20 grams, directly apply it to the affected area

Magnesium Oxide – Pharma and Nutra


Forbidden for severe burns or deep wounds.

Avoid long term taking, so as not to cause electrolyte imbalance and diarrhea.

Patients with intestinal obstruction are disabled.

When combined with other drugs, please consult a doctor.

side effect:



stomach ache

Electrolyte imbalance (long term use)


Severe burns or deep wounds

Intestinal obstruction

Acute abdominal pain

Without the doctor’s order, pregnant women and lactating women are disabled.

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