Properties and applications of spherical magnesium oxide

Properties of spherical magnesium oxide

Chemical composition: MgO

Appearance: white or light yellow powder

Morphology: Spherical

Particle size: usually between 1-100 microns

Density: 3.58 g/cm³

Melting point: 2852°C

Boiling point: 3600°C

Hardness: Mohs hardness 5-6

Oxidative stability: very stable

Hygroscopicity: low hygroscopicity

Refractive index: 1.735

Specific surface area: typically between 10-100 m²/g

Zeta potential: negative charge

Applications of Spherical Magnesium Oxide

Due to its unique properties, spherical magnesium oxide has a wide range of applications in many fields:

Electronic materials: used as insulators and dielectrics in capacitors, sensors and photovoltaic devices.

Ceramic materials: added to ceramic mixtures to improve strength, hardness and thermal shock resistance.

Catalyst carriers: Used as carriers for precious and transition metal loaded catalysts.

Fireproof materials: added to coatings, fabrics and composites to improve fire resistance and flame retardancy.

Pharmaceuticals: Used as antacids, laxatives and skin therapeutics.


Beauty products: added to cosmetics and skin care products to absorb moisture, reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.

This makes magnesium carbonate an ideal ingredient in cosmetic products that control oil production and minimize pores.

Food additives: used as anti-caking agents, food fortification agents and nutritional supplements.

Application of magnesium oxide in food additives

Other applications: including water treatment, paper, rubber and plastics industries.

Advantages of Spherical Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide – Pharma and Nutra
Magnesium Oxide Food Grade
High reactive magnesium oxide

High surface area: The spherical shape provides a higher surface area for enhanced interaction with the surrounding medium.

Low Zeta Potential: The negative charge allows spherical magnesium oxide to be dispersed in water and other solvents.

Excellent flowability: The spherical form helps to improve the flowability of the powder for easy handling and dispersion.

High thermal stability: Its high melting point and oxidative stability make it suitable for high temperature applications.

Low hygroscopicity: Its low hygroscopicity allows it to maintain its performance in humid environments.

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