Studies on the catalytic properties of trapezoidal magnesium oxide


Magnesium oxide is an important catalyst material that is widely used in various catalytic reactions due to its excellent thermal stability and basicity. Trapezoidal magnesium oxide is a form of magnesium oxide with unique structure and properties, which has attracted attention due to its high surface area, abundant defect sites and excellent stability.

High reactive magnesium oxide

Catalytic Properties

Trapezoidal magnesium oxide exhibits excellent performance in the following catalytic reactions:

Oxidation reaction: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide can effectively catalyze the oxidation reaction of hydrocarbons and sulfides such as CO, CH4 and H2S with high selectivity and activity.

Dehydration reaction: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide can catalyze the dehydration reaction of alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol to produce the corresponding olefins and water.

Isomerization reaction: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide can catalyze the isomerization reaction of n-alkanes and olefins, and improve the octane number and stability of the products.

Other reactions: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide can also be used in a variety of catalytic reactions such as ester exchange, methylation, epoxidation and polymerization, showing high efficiency and stability.

Structure and Properties

The catalytic performance of trapezoidal magnesium oxide is closely related to its unique structure and properties:

High surface area: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide has a high surface area, providing a large number of active sites for catalytic reactions.

Abundant defect sites: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide surface contains a large number of defect sites, such as oxygen vacancies, dislocations and steps, which are conducive to the adsorption and activation of the catalyst.

Basicity: Trapezoidal magnesium oxide is a basic catalyst with the property of proton acceptor, which can interact with acidic reactants.

Thermal stability: The trapezoidal magnesium oxide has excellent thermal stability and can maintain its catalytic activity at high temperatures.


The catalytic properties of trapezoidal magnesium oxide give it a wide range of applications in the following fields:

Chemical industry: catalysts are used in petroleum refining, petrochemicals and fine chemicals.


Environmental Protection: Catalysts are used in environmental protection fields such as waste gas treatment, water purification and soil remediation.

Soil remediation

Energy: Catalysts are used in energy fields such as hydrogen production, fuel cells and biomass energy conversion.

The application of magnesium oxide in biological diesel


Trapezoidal magnesium oxide is an excellent catalyst material with high surface area, abundant defect sites, basicity, thermal stability and good catalytic activity. It has wide application prospects in oxidation, dehydration, isomerization and other catalytic reactions. With the in-depth study of catalytic properties and the expansion of practical applications, trapezoidal magnesium oxide is expected to play an increasingly important role in the field of catalysis.

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