The functions and efficacy of magnesium sulfate

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium sulfate, also called Epsom salt, is different from table salt or coarse salt in that magnesium sulfate does not contain sodium, so it cannot be eaten. In daily life, magnesium sulfate has many special uses and everyone can use it.

Food Grade Magnesium Sulfate

relieve pain

The magnesium in magnesium sulfate has anti-inflammatory properties and can help runners reduce muscle soreness. After running, take a warm bath and put two cups of magnesium sulfate in the bath. The latter will release magnesium when it encounters warm water.

remove thorns

What should you do if your finger is accidentally pricked by a thorny object such as sawdust while running cross-country, but you cannot pull it out? Dip your finger in a cup of melted magnesium sulfate and soak it. The sawdust will soon become larger and it will easily become Can be pulled out.

Clean tiles and grout

Magnesium sulfate has a rough texture, making it an excellent choice for cleaning tiles and grout. Add some magnesium sulfate to the dishwashing liquid and let it dissolve for a few minutes before scrubbing the tiles. The decontamination effect is very obvious.

Clean pots and pans

Whether it is a frying pan or a roasting pan, burnt parts often appear when cooking and are generally difficult to clean. However, this problem can be easily solved with a mixture of dish soap and magnesium sulfate.

Wash your feet and exfoliate your feet

In fact, not only washing feet, washing any part of the body with magnesium sulfate can exfoliate. When using it, mix magnesium sulfate and coconut oil to not only exfoliate your skin but also make your skin appear soft and smooth.

Create wavy hairstyle

This is more practical for women. Mix magnesium sulfate and aloe vera juice gel together to create wavy hairstyles. Add some almond oil to moisturize your hair.

Fertilizer for flowers and plants

Magnesium sulfate is mainly composed of sulfate and magnesium. The magnesium is equivalent to organic fertilizer for flowers, plants and vegetables, promoting seed germination and chlorophyll production.

fertile soil

More magnesium in the soil helps plants absorb more nutrients such as phosphorus and helium from the soil. Mix some magnesium sulfate into the soil before planting your plants in the spring and be ready for a bountiful harvest in the fall.

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