Application of magnesium oxide in rubber

Magnesium oxide is an inorganic compound, molecular formula: MgO. At room temperature is white loose powder, relative density 3.20-3.23, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in acid. Leakage in the air, easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air and make the activity reduced, so it should be sealed packaging. The activity of magnesium oxide refers to the ability of the substance to participate in chemical reactions, activity is an important indicator to measure the magnesium oxide for industrial rubber, generally high activity of magnesium oxide are made with alkaline magnesium carbonate decomposition for a long time at low temperatures, the furnace has a special structure and high energy consumption.

Rubber & plastic

Active magnesium oxide as a major inorganic active agent, one of the rubber formula using a lower dosage can achieve a higher degree of vulcanization. In neoprene rubber, activated magnesium oxide can be used as a vulcanizing agent in addition to zinc oxide as an active agent and inorganic accelerator for neoprene rubber, and is suitable for almost all types of neoprene rubber. Activated magnesium oxide also improves the scorch properties of the rubber, and can improve the mixing and storage safety of the mixed rubber. No active magnesium oxide, added to neoprene rubber, can only play the role of inert filler, while increasing the alkalinity of the rubber, not only can not play the role of anti-scorch, to some extent, but also prone to cause early vulcanization.

silicone rubber

In the formulation of neoprene rubber, if the use of zinc oxide, it is necessary to add magnesium oxide in proportion, if the addition of the proportion is not coordinated, it may cause early scorching. The addition of magnesium oxide, in addition to improving the physical properties of neoprene, can also neutralize the hydrogen chloride produced during vulcanization, increase the amount of magnesium oxide, reduce the amount of zinc oxide, can reduce the speed of vulcanization, prolong the burning time. Magnesium oxide has similar properties to other halogenated rubbers as described above.

In the formulation of fluorine rubber, adding magnesium oxide, can be used as the acceptor of hydrogen fluoride, can improve the degree of vulcanization of fluorine rubber, can also improve the performance of fluorine rubber scorch and improve the thermal stability of vulcanized rubber, but acid resistance is poor. In chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber, with active magnesium oxide crosslinking will obtain good physical and mechanical properties, especially low permanent deformation, and is suitable for light-colored vulcanized rubber, but poor water resistance.

Magnesium oxide activity indicators can be used to absorb iodine value, specific surface area, citric acid value (or acetic acid value), hydration rate, etc., usually with the iodine value, due to the iodine in this determination of the volatility of the measurement must be completed as soon as possible, the principle of its analytical method is to determine the iodine carbon tetrachloride solution by the magnesium oxide before and after the adsorption of the concentration of changes in the titration of a standard sodium thiosulphate solution. According to practical experience, combined with the comprehensive performance of all aspects of the selected rubber magnesium oxide, with medium activity iodine absorption value is appropriate, iodine absorption value of about 60 active magnesium oxide, in the fluorine rubber as an active agent in the dosage can be reduced a little bit, the heat aging performance is also better, the iodine absorption value of about 100 active magnesium oxide, although the dosage can be a little bit less, but the heat aging properties of the poorer, the other performance is not outstanding.

High reactive magnesium oxide

Messi Biology, as the world’s top magnesium production supplier, has been supplying magnesium oxide and other magnesium products to the market since 2006, and has set up factories in Tibet, and owns excellent mining resources of magnesium in the world, which has made its products famous in the global market. Messi Biology has studied the effect of different types of magnesium oxide in different rubbers on the vulcanization performance and physical properties of the rubber. Magnesium oxide plays a vital role in rubber: acid absorber, active agent, anti-scorch agent, heat-resistant, thermal conductivity, improve the ability of skeleton bonding and so on.

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