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Nov 21

Preparation and application of bird’s nest-shaped magnesium oxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that when preparing bird’s nest-shaped magnesium oxide, the bird’s nest-shaped precursor is generally prepared first, and then the bird’s nest-shaped magnesium oxide product is obtained through heat treatment. At 120℃~140℃, in an aqueous solution system, soluble magnesium salts and soluble carbonates are used as raw materials to generate bird’s nest-shaped basic magnesium carbonate through co-precipitation reaction, and then after high-temperature roasting, bird’s nest-shaped monodisperse oxidation can be obtained Magnesium, the key to the preparation process lies in the preparation of precursors and the control of ignition temperature. The preparation method is simple to…

Nov 20

Preparation and application of high specific surface area magnesium hydroxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that in the rubber and plastics industry, magnesium hydroxide flame retardant has the advantages of good thermal stability, no volatilization, no precipitation, and no production of corrosive and toxic gases. It also has flame retardant, smoke elimination, It has multiple functions of being anti-drip and filling, and has gained widespread attention. The production of magnesium hydroxide by the brucite method is environmentally friendly, and the obtained magnesium hydroxide has high fluidity. The main component of brucite is magnesium hydroxide, and its theoretical composition includes 69.12% magnesium oxide and 30.88% water. Brucite belongs to…

Nov 20

Messi Biology participate in the 2023 China International Natural Extracts and Healthy Food Ingredients Exhibition

As the warm sunshine of autumn fills the earth, Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. ushered in an important moment – setting off to participate in the 2023 China International Natural Extracts and Health Food Ingredients Exhibition (FIC-Health Exhibition 2023) and the 22nd The National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition, booth number 11A46. The exhibition will last for three days from November 22nd to 24th. The team was personally led by Feng Wenjie, general manager of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Sun from the sales department actively participated with business elites. This time, the goals of “Mexi…

Nov 18

Messi Biology testing equipment has successfully passed calibration by a third-party organization to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Recently, the research and development laboratory equipment of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the rigorous calibration test of a third-party organization. This milestone marks the continuous efforts and outstanding achievements of Messi Biology in the field of magnesium salt research and development. The passing of this calibration test once again proves the high accuracy and reliability of the laboratory equipment developed by Messi Biology. Calibration testing performed by a third-party organization is a comprehensive review of the performance and accuracy of R&D assay equipment. This testing covers all aspects of the device, including but not limited to…

Nov 17

Study on the mechanical properties of magnesium hydroxide filled EVA copolymer

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium hydroxide is the most popular inorganic flame retardant on the market. However, due to the “hydrophilic and oleophobic” properties of the surface of magnesium hydroxide, there will be poor compatibility with resin in practical applications. The situation, coupled with its own low flame retardant efficiency, directly hinders the further use of magnesium hydroxide in the actual production process. Surface treatment of magnesium hydroxide can not only improve the compatibility between magnesium hydroxide and resin, but also improve the flame retardancy. Filling EVA with magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) can improve the thermal stability…

Nov 16

Research on the process of preparing silicon steel grade magnesium oxide from magnesium hydroxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that silicon steel, as an important electromagnetic material, is widely used in motors, transformers, generators and other fields, and plays an important role in improving motor efficiency, reducing losses, and extending service life. Magnesium oxide is a common additive in silicon steel, which can increase the magnetic permeability and magnetic saturation induction intensity of silicon steel, thereby improving its electromagnetic properties. Therefore, preparing high-purity and high-quality magnesium oxide is one of the key issues in the production process of silicon steel. At present, the methods for preparing magnesium oxide mainly include chemical methods,…

Nov 16

Messi Biology participated in the 2023 China International Coatings Exhibition

From November 15th to 17th, the 2023 China International Coatings Exhibition opened grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Manager Zhang from the Sales Department of Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition. The China International Coatings Exhibition has been serving the industry since 1996 and is currently held alternately in Shanghai and Guangzhou every year. It has been committed to providing an international display and trade platform for suppliers and manufacturers in the coatings industry to face-to-face contact with the world, especially those from China and Asia. audience. Manager Zhang said that the magnesium oxide and…

Nov 15

Preparation of hexagonal magnesium hydroxide from brine ammonia method by reverse precipitation

Among magnesium products, flame-retardant magnesium hydroxide is uniquely attractive due to its huge domestic and international market potential. With the rapid development of the plastics industry, the demand for flame-retardant thermoplastic polymers is increasing day by day. The demand for flame retardants, especially the demand for magnesium hydroxide flame retardants that are non-toxic, smoke-suppressing and have high thermal stability will be even greater. For urgency. Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant can be used in various composite materials such as wires, cables, home appliances, and building materials. It is especially suitable for use with polymers such as PP, PA, and POM…

Nov 15

Preparation process of spherical magnesium oxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium oxide has good chemical inertness, heat resistance, insulation and thermal conductivity. Among them, the most outstanding ones are good high-temperature oxidation resistance, moderate alkalinity, the presence of oxygen vacancies and single electrons. The resulting electrophilicity and so on. Among magnesium oxide particles with different shapes, spherical particles have regular morphology, uniformity, large specific surface area and good sphericity, which can greatly improve the adsorption, thermal conductivity and catalytic performance of the product. Therefore, spherical magnesium oxide has many aspects They all have very effective applications, mainly in the following aspects: 1….

Nov 14

Preparation and modification research of magnesium hydroxide

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that magnesium hydroxide, as an additive inorganic flame retardant, has good thermal stability, is non-toxic, suppresses smoke, and effectively promotes carbonization of substrates. It does not produce corrosive gases while also It has the function of neutralizing acidic and corrosive gases generated during combustion and is an environmentally friendly green flame retardant. However, magnesium hydroxide has poor dispersion and compatibility in polymer materials, which often leads to a decrease in the mechanical properties of flame retardant materials. In order to address these problems, this article uses the following methods to prepare and modify…

Nov 13

Application of magnesium oxide in new memories

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that the crystallinity, texture calibration and original interface quality of the film in the new memory ultimately determine the performance of the MRAM device, among which the formation of tunnel junction magnesium oxide is the most critical. Considering that the deposited reference layer and magnesium oxide barrier layer are mostly amorphous in nature, they are first annealed to crystallize them, and then part of the stack is cryogenically cooled to create a cryogenic surface to promote sharp atomic interfaces in the free layer. . After the complete stack is deposited, another anneal is…

Nov 11

Application effect of magnesium oxide in electric heating tubes

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. stated that electric heating tubes use fused crystalline magnesium oxide, which has better properties than caustic magnesium. Magnesite is arc melted at 2800°C to obtain large crystalline magnesium oxide, which is crushed and After grinding, sieving and magnetic separation, fused crystallized magnesium oxide powder is obtained, and its purity can reach more than 96%. The well-crystallized magnesium oxide does not react with water or carbonic acid gas. In tubular electric heating elements with temperatures above 400°C, crystallized magnesium oxide is a better filler. What is the function of magnesium oxide powder: 1. Thermal conductivity…

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