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Oct 05

Preparation of ultrafine flake magnesium hydroxide and application study of flame retardant polypropylene

The effect of different reaction substrates and hydrothermal modifications on the dispersion and morphology of magnesium hydroxide was investigated, and three different surfactants were used to modify the surface of magnesium hydroxide. The comprehensive performance of the halogen-free flame retardant dynamic vulcanization composites was also studied. Firstly, the effects of reaction temperature, reaction time, ammonia dosage and ammonia drop acceleration on the average particle size of the synthesized magnesium hydroxide were investigated. The results showed that the optimum reaction conditions for the synthesized magnesium hydroxide were 40℃, 1.5h, 170mL of ammonia, and 12mL/min. The results demonstrated that the synthesized…

Oct 04

MgO nanosheets modified carbon foam@carbon nanotubes for lithium-sulfur battery cathode

The article reports a facile method to prepare a novel 3D flexible multifunctional nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube electrode. The carbon nanotubes were simultaneously modified by MgO nanosheets. The researchers prepared CF@CNTs/MgO complexes by using a facile liquid-phase impregnation/adsorption method in combination with the pyrolysis of commercially available inexpensive melamine foam (MF). This method allows for efficient control of sulfur loading. Various characterizations such as SEM, TEM, HRTEM, XRD, XPS, and electrochemical tests were performed for different complexes with loadings ranging from 3.8 mg/cm2 to 14.4 mg/cm2 (see figure presentation) to finally obtain suitable complexes with high sulfur loadings. This is…

Oct 03

Analysis of current and future demand for reactive magnesium oxide in China

The application market of reactive magnesium oxide is very hot, the market demand is relatively stable, and it is one of the functional inorganic materials with good development trend. The application of reactive magnesium oxide is very wide, and it can be divided into many different types according to the different uses. Activated magnesium oxide is mainly classified according to the iodine absorption value, divided into high activity 120~180, medium activity 80~120, low activity 40~80. Reactive magnesium oxide is widely used in light-emitting devices, gas sensors, various rubber products, glass steel, fluorine rubber, catalysts, adsorbents, etc., showing its excellent…

Oct 01

Distribution of major nickel and cobalt minerals in the world: see which countries have the richest resources

At present, in addition to building materials minerals, the world has more than 85 elements in the periodic table of elements that can be extracted and used, and the minerals used industrially have accounted for more than 15% of the more than 3,000 known minerals, of which the growth in the variety and quantity of non-metallic minerals and the expansion of their uses are particularly striking, having increased from 60 at the beginning of this century to more than 300 at present, including more than 200 kinds of non-metallic minerals and more than 50 kinds of rocks. Since the…

Oct 01

Messi Biology: High purity magnesium oxide and high purity magnesium hydroxide

①High-purity magnesium oxide chemical molecular formula is MgO, the product is a white solid at room temperature, is an oxide of magnesium and an ionic compound. Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. uses salt lake water magnesia chloride as raw material purification after the production of high-purity magnesium hydroxide as raw materials, deep processing for the purity of high-purity magnesium oxide, is the raw material of magnesium smelting, as monomer additives, active agents, accelerators, is the production of new rubber, engineering plastics, pharmaceutical chemicals, special ceramics and other products of important additive materials, on the product anti-aging, wear resistance, high…

Sep 30

Mineral element feed additive Magnesium oxide

As feed additive: Magnesium oxide is mainly used in dairy cattle feed, followed by pig and chicken feed. Magnesium is the main intracellular cation as a coenzyme factor for enzymatic reactions, involved in the main metabolic pathways in vivo, and extracellular magnesium is essential for normal nerve conduction, muscle contraction and skeletal mineral deposition in animal organism. Utility for dairy cows: Magnesium oxide is the most widely used inorganic magnesium source in ruminant feed, which is an alkalizing agent to improve rumen pH, which can improve the uptake of blood metabolites by mammary glands and increase milk fat rate….

Sep 29

Preparation of magnesium oxide and its performance of adsorption of lead and cadmium ions

Magnesium oxide is known as a green and safe wastewater treatment agent, this paper reviews the research and application progress of magnesium hydroxide in environmental protection, including the removal of heavy metal ions such as lead, chromium and nickel in industrial wastewater and the neutralization treatment of acidic wastewater, and lists the good treatment effect of magnesium hydroxide on some actual wastewater, including its treatment effect on some special wastewater such as boron-containing wastewater and radioactive wastewater, and finally outlooks its development prospect in production and application. With the development of agriculture and industry and the expansion of urban…

Sep 28

Application of magnesium oxide in transparent ceramics

Magnesium oxide nano powders were prepared by precipitation method using anhydrous sodium carbonate and magnesium chloride hexahydrate as raw materials, and the influence of chloride ions in the synthesis of the powders was investigated. It was shown that the precipitation process with the addition of chloride ions could change the phase composition of the precursors, and the precursors with alkaline magnesium carbonate and hydrated magnesium carbonate as the main components were obtained, and the magnesium oxide powder with a primary particle size of 40 nm could be obtained after calcination at 900 ℃. The addition of chloride ions in…

Sep 27

Application of magnesium oxide in special cement

The high-performance requirements of special cements put forward more stringent control targets for production process conditions, raw material selection, process quality monitoring, testing methods and other aspects. In view of the individual technical needs of the project, the control range of special cement indexes can be adjusted appropriately to provide better control. Take magnesium oxide as an example, the standard chemical index of general cement lists it as an index that needs to be controlled to affect the stability, while the Three Gorges project uses medium-heat silicate cement, under the premise of meeting the standard, the magnesium oxide (MgO)…

Sep 27

Surface modification study of nano-magnesium hydroxide

The process of wet surface modification of nano-magnesium hydroxide was mainly studied, and the oxygen index, tensile strength and elongation at break of the system were determined by adding the powder before and after modification to the soft PVC system, and the comparison with the common magnesium hydroxide powder was also carried out. The experimental results showed that the best modifier was zinc stearate, the modification time was 0.5h, the modification temperature was 85℃, and the amount of modifier was 5% (mass fraction); the modified nano-magnesium hydroxide powder improved the flame retardancy of the soft PVC system than the…

Sep 26

Performance study of modified magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles

Modified magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles with 98% yield were synthesized by an easy-to-industrialize liquid-phase precipitation method with the synergistic effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and sodium polyacrylate (PA-Na) compound modifiers. The optimum amount of modifier was determined by the settling volume experiment to be 0.2% (mass fraction of the compound modifier to the synthesized sample), and the optimum mass ratio of SDS to PA-Na was 1:1. The samples before and after modification were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, nitrogen adsorption and apparent density analysis, and the results showed that the modified samples had good dispersion and high…