Liu Linze of Messi Biology: Not afraid of challenges and brave in innovation

Liu Linze is the chief engineer of Messi Biology He has been rooted in the magnesium salt industry for decades and has made outstanding contributions to the development of the magnesium salt industry with his outstanding talent and perseverance. Liu Linze likes innovation and dares to challenge, and studying magnesium salts just gives him room to develop. He fell in love with this job deeply and worked there for 23 years.

Liu Linze of Messi Biology: Not afraid of challenges and brave in innovation

In 2009, Liu Linze invented a new production process. The number of people producing light magnesium carbonate was reduced from the original 150 to 15, and the production capacity was increased from the original 1,000 tons to 2,000 tons. This gave Liu Linze a special sense of accomplishment.

Magnesium Carbonate Light Powder

In recent years, the application fields of magnesium salt have become wider and wider, and customers have different requirements for magnesium salt products, which requires the development of corresponding new processes and new products. Innovation is always accompanied by countless failures and setbacks. When faced with difficulties, Liu Linze has his own solutions.

Do a line of work and love a line of work; drill a line of work and excel in a line of work. Today, Liu Linze has grown from an ordinary technician to the company’s chief engineer. His perseverance and serious work style have also become an example for colleagues to emulate.

With his love for science and his persistence in technology, Liu Linze designed a series of efficient chemical processes and made significant contributions in the field of chemical industry. In 2020, the low-iron magnesium carbonate specially invented by Liu Linze for mobile phone glass screens won the third prize in the 8th Hebei Province Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. He also personally won the 2020 Xingtai City Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Individual and Xingtai City’s “Enterprise Leading Talent Training Plan” Emerging industry technical talents and other titles, this year was also named Hebei Province Model Worker.

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