Medical and food grade magnesium oxide dry granulation process

raw material

magnesium oxide powder
Excipients (such as starch, dextrin)
Binders (e.g. gelatin)

Granular Magnesium Oxide

Process steps

  1. Feeding and mixing

Mix the magnesium oxide powder, excipients and binders evenly according to the proportion.
The mixing method can be a drum mixer or a V-type mixer.

  1. Dry granulation

Place the mixture into a fluidized bed granulator.
Dry air is introduced to suspend the particles and allow air to pass through the pore layer.
Spray an appropriate amount of binder solution onto the particles, and the binder will be evenly distributed on the surface of the particles after it is dissolved.
The particles collide and rub against each other in a rotating state, forming spherical or elliptical particles.

  1. Dry

The granulated particles continue to dry in a fluidized bed to remove residual solvent and moisture.
Drying temperature and humidity should be controlled according to material properties and particle size.

  1. Filter

The dried particles are screened through a vibrating screen or a classification cyclone to remove particles that are too large or too small.

  1. Polishing

When necessary, the particles can be ground to improve flow and appearance.

Process parameter control

Air flow rate: controls the suspension and collision intensity of particles
Spray speed: controls the amount and distribution of adhesive added
Binder solution concentration: affects the mechanical strength of the particles
Drying temperature and humidity: affect the moisture content and stability of the particles


The particle size distribution is uniform and the fluidity is good.
The particle surface is smooth, reducing dust and cross-contamination.
High solubility, extending the release time of active ingredients.
It has a wide range of applications and can be used in various pharmaceutical and food ingredients.


Oral laxatives, antacids
Magnesium additives in food
Cosmetics and personal care products

Magnesium Oxide – Pharma and Nutra
Magnesium Oxide Food Grade
Food Nutritional Supplements
magnesium oxide as an additive powdered skin care products like blushes, eye shadows and facial powder
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