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Use of Light Magnesium Oxide

It is widely used in metallurgy, smelting, high-grade magnesia bricks, refractories and moisturizing materials. It is also widely used in rubber, rubber sheet, rubber products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic sheet accelerator, plasticizer of FRP and surface coating paint of silicon steel sheet, filler and reinforcing agent of paper production, ball polishing agent, leather treatment agent, insulating material, grease, dye, etc. Ceramics, desiccants, resins and flame retardants are used as fillers and reinforcing agents for rubber and plastic products, soft magnetic ferrites, adhesives, chemical industry as catalysts and raw materials for manufacturing other magnesium compounds, enamels, ceramics, glass, etc.

Light magnesium oxide is mainly used in the production of rubber products and neoprene adhesives. Magnesium oxide plays the role of acid absorbent and promoter in rubber manufacturing, vulcanizing cross-linking in neoprene adhesives, anti-coke agent and resin chelating. Magnesium oxide plays a role in reducing sintering temperature in ceramics and enamels. It is used as filler in the manufacture of grinding wheel and paint, as antiacid and laxative in medicine for the treatment of gastric acid excess, gastric and duodenal ulcer, and as whitening agent or refined decolorizing agent of sugar in food processing. The greatest use in agriculture is as fertilizer and livestock feed, which is the main element in the process of plant and animal metabolism. When used as feed for dairy cows, it can prevent nervous system dysfunction caused by magnesium deficiency. In addition, it can also be used in FRP, dyeing and chemical reagents, electronics industry, insulating materials industry, petroleum additives, foundry, phenolic plastics and other industries.

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